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Symptom: When configuring 4Images after installing via Fantastico, the following error is generated after the path to ImageMagick is set:

ImageMagick error. Wrong path or ImageMagick not installed.

Check module settings.

1. Ensure that the path is correct. For this script, the convert program must be specified. The path to imagemagick on our servers are:


2. If the path is set correctly, but the error persists, edit the image_utils.php file in the /includes directory under the installation of 4Images. Open the file in any text error and move to line 39, or search for the following lines:

if (!@is_executable($convert_options['convert_path'])) {
$convert_options['convert_error'] = "".$lang['im_error']."


Insert comment tags around the if statement. The completed edit should look like this:

# if (!@is_executable($convert_options['convert_path'])) {
# $convert_options['convert_error'] = "".$lang['im_error']."
# n".$lang['check_module_settings'];
# break;

Save the file, and reupload it to the /includes directory. Return to the administrative settings panel in 4Images, recheck the path to ImageMagick, and resave the settings.

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