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How to create menus in Drupal

This tutorial assumes you've already logged in to Drupal

Click the Administer link

Now let's learn how to create a new menu

Scroll down

Click the Menus link

Then click Add Menu

Enter a Menu Name here... it must contain all lowercase letters and have no spaces

Then enter the title of the new menu here

Click Save when ready

Now let's add items to our menu

Enter the path this menu item links to

Then enter a menu link title

You can optionally enter a description

Make sure you have the proper menu selected as your parent item

Click Save when ready

Let's repeat the process and add a second menu item

Our new menu item has been created, which you can see here

There it is!

In order for the new menu to show up in your website, you must create a new block for it, and configure where it should go

Locate the Demo Menu, and enable it by configuring its location

Be sure to click Save blocks to save our configuration

There it is! The new menu we just created, along with the two menu items

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create menus in Drupal. Remember that you have to enable the menu block after creating it

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