How to subscribe to RSS feeds in Apple (Mac) Mail Print

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How to subscribe to RSS feeds

Before you can add an RSS feed to Apple Mail, you first need to find the feed in your browser. We'll use Safari for this example.

If the website has any RSS feeds available, this icon will show up in the address bar. Click it.

Select the feed you wish to add.

Now click this plus icon.

Select where to add this bookmark.

Click Add.

Now return to Apple Mail and you will see your feed has been added.

To manage general feed options, go to Mail.

And click Preferences.

Click RSS.

Change your default RSS reader here.

Set how often to check for updates.

Choose when to remove articles.

Close the window.

Right click any feed to manage options specific to that feed.

Use this menu to rename, delete or archive the feed and more.

This concludes the demonstration. Now you know how to subscribe to RSS feeds in Apple Mail.

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