MailScanner Instructions for Resellers


In order for MailScanner to be available to your clients, you will need to perform the following steps:

1. Login to your WHM
2. Under the â € œAddonsâ €  Section, look for â € œRVSkin Managerâ € 
3. Then click on â € œConfigâ €  ( RVSkin Manager >> RVSkin >> Config )
4. Then click on â € œPackage-Feature Managerâ € 
5. You will now need to Add/Edit the â € œDefault Feature Listâ € 
6. Make sure that â € œMailScanner Configurationâ €  is â € œEnabledâ € 
7. Press the â € œEditâ €  button on the bottom of this page.

That will save your feature list and make MailScanner available to your clients.


The following link provides information to help your customers understand and use the MailScanner system. You can copy these pages and/or modify them for your own users:

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