How do I cancel a service ?

You may cancel any service at least 48 hours before renewal date. No refund shall be issued for...

 How do I get SSH/Shell access to my account?

Due to security concerns, SSH/Shell access is disabled by default on all accounts. If your plan...

 How do I login to cpanel ?

You can either login to the cpanel from the standard URL

 How do I upgrade my hosting account ?

Please file a Sales Support ticket to request an upgrade. They will get back with the possible...

 I need the cPanel login info again

To re-send the CPanel login info please LOG IN to our billing system...

 ImageMagick Path - Error

Symptom: When configuring 4Images after installing via Fantastico, the following error is...

 What is the path to ImageMagick?

The path to ImageMagick is:/usr/bin/or/usr/bin/mogrify

 What is the path to NetPBM?

The path to NetPBM is:/usr/bin/

 What is the path to convert for ImageMagick?

Try the following:/usr/bin/usr/bin/convert/usr/bin/X11 

 Why is my account suspended ?

Is your account showing a suspended page ?If yes, then please check if your hosting account is...