Creating POP3 / user email accounts

You can set up as many POP (Post Office Protocol) e-mail accounts as you require, up to your maximum limit. Each one of these is in the standard e-mail format of As with your default e-mail address, you can access these accounts through web mail or through your own offline e-mail application.

To add an e-mail account:
  1. Login to CPanel.
  2. Click on the Add/Remove Accounts link in the Mail area.
  3. Click on the Add Account link.
  4. Enter the first part of the e-mail address and the password for the account in E-mail and Password fields.
  5. Enter the maximum size limit of this mailbox in the Quota field, if required. The size limit is in megabytes. Not entering a number means that the mailbox size is only limited by the available disk space.
  6. Click on the Create button.
  7. Your new account has been added.
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