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Cloud Hosting Features
WordWide Locations

Get hosted closer to your clients with our Global SSD Cloud. Now hosting at 11 different locations worldwide.

Free Migration Assistance

We copy your website and email data from the old host over to our servers, without any downtime and Free!

Free Website Builder

Create a brand new website for yourself or your clients and publish online in just 15 mins.

Secured Logins

Secure all login and payment pages on your hosted domains using Free SSL's.

Free Dedicated SSL's

All accounts include Free Dedicated SSL's for all hosted domains, including addon domains.

Free Dedicated IP Cloud-ULTRA

Includes a Free Dedicated IP address valued at $36/year.

Unlimited Addon-Domains

An addon domain allows you to host multiple domains on the same hosting account. Each domain can have its own website and you can even setup separate email addresses for each domain.

Unlimited Parked Domains

Parked domains allow you to add secondary domains and have them point to the same website. If you have a .com version of the domain, you can register the .net version as well and have it point to the same website.

Unlimited Sub-domains

A sub-domain is an extension of your domain that helps you to manage your site. It allows you to have additional, easily memorized hostnames (such as which people can use to access specialized areas of your web site.

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited number of MySQL Databases your account will include. You need 1 MySQL database for each installation of WordPress, Joomla or any online application.

Unlimited PostgreSQL Databases

PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database. Get acccess to create and utilize unlimited PostgreSQL Databases.

50 Concurrent Connections

You get a higher number of concurrent database connections than standard web hosting plans.

Unlimited FTP Accounts

You can setup as many FTP accounts as you want to upload / download content from your account.

Unlimited Email Accounts

You can setup as many email addresses (email@yourdomain.dom) as you want.

Unlimited Email Forwarders

An email forwarder forwards the email from one address to another automatically.

Unlimited Email Autoresponders

Autoresponders allow you to send a predefined instant reply whenever an email is received at a specific email address.


You get access to POP Email accounts as well as IMAP. You can even send email from your own email accounts without needing an ISP or other email provider.


Use webmail to check your email as well as your email client.

Mailing Lists with Higher Mail Limits

You can create mailing lists of your customers email addresses and use them to send them emails at the click of a button. Cloud Hosting Plans allow you to send 2000 emails per hour.

Cloud Features

Great server experience, amazing hosting quality!

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Cloud Hosting includes UNLIMITED Bandwidth so you never have to worry about running out or slowing down!

    2X Faster

    Cloud Hosting provides 2X CPU Power and a mimimum of 2 GB Memory. So your account rusn at least twice as fast!

  • Easy Statistics

    Visitor tracking is available on all Cloud Hosting Plans with simple to use software so you can see your sites performance at all levels.

    Faster Network

    Cloud Hosting allows faster performance due to higher network speeds and CloudFlare RailGun Optimization Worldwide.

  • Valid Backups

    Cloud Hosting includes free weekly backups on the server as well as at a location thousands of miles away, so you always have a backup!

    cPanel Admin

    cPanel makes administering your website a breeze. Create email addresses, view stats or even setup a new domain in a few clicks!

Ultra-Fast Platform

We only use the latest Intel Based Servers with Redundant RAID Server Drives and the fastest RAM (Memory) so YOU get the best performance. Our Worldwide Data Center footprint ensures your site can be hosted closest to your target customers. Faster sites means better performance and better Search Engine Optimization! Our Global CloudFlare CDN further ensures worldwide performance at unmatched speeds. Dont let a slow host slow down your revenue.

High Scalability

Easily upgrade or downgrade your account at the click of a button. Add more CPU and/or RAM whenever your site needs it and remove it when you dont; so you only pay for what you use. Scaling your resources allows you to save big $$$ and still get the performance you need, when you need it most! Thats the difference of our latest Cloud Hosting Technology!

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Compare Cloud Hosting Plans

General Features

General Features Cloud-ONE Cloud-PLUS Cloud-ULTRA
Disk Space 10 GB Space 50 GB Space Unlimited Space
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Price $7.98 $11.98 $19.98
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Latest cPanel Included Included Included
Free Website Builder Included Included Included
Free Dedicated SSL Included Included Included
Free Account Backup Included Included Included

Special Features

Special Features Cloud-ONE Cloud-PLUS Cloud-ULTRA
EMail Sending Limits (Per Hour) 1000 1500 2000
Website Speed 200% 200% 200%
I/O Speed 5 MB/s 5 MB/s 5 MB/s
Memory Limit 2048 MB 2048 MB 2048 MB

Multi Domain Features

Multi Domain Features Cloud-ONE Cloud-PLUS Cloud-ULTRA
Addon-Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Database Features

Database Features Cloud-ONE Cloud-PLUS Cloud-ULTRA
MySQL concurrent connections 50 50 50
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PostgreSQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Email and FTP Features

Email and FTP Features Cloud-ONE Cloud-PLUS Cloud-ULTRA
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Autoresponders Included Included Included
Spam & Virus Protection Included Included Included
POP/SMTP/IMAP Included Included Included
Webmail Included Included Included
Mailing Lists Included Included Included
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